Shank Comics Biography: Early Life, Education, Career, Comedy Videos, Award, Age & Net Worth

Shank Comics Biography

Shank Comics Biography: Shank Comics, whose real name is Adesokan Adedeji Emmanuel (born 23 March 1997) is a Nigerian comedian and influencer. He is a Yoruba by tribe who hails from Osun State, one of southwest states in Nigeria.

Who is Shank Comics?

Adesokan Adedeji Emmanuel is a comedian, content creator, brand influencer, and electrical engineer who graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University in 2020.

Adesokan Emmanuel, who got famous with Shank Comics, is a Nigerian content creator, brand influencer, and electrical engineer who set the pace with his extra witty collection of online videos.

In an interview, when asked about who is Shank Comics, he said:

“I’m Adesokan Emmanuel. I’m dark, ugly, and broke. I think I’m funny and ugly, making me “fugly.” The first of four children. I’m a male.

Shank Comics Biography
Shank Comics Biography

Below are a few excerpts from the interview:

Q: So basically, Tell us about your craft. What do you do?

A: I’m a comic – an extreme one. So I adapt to any form of an act—literally. That’s where the stand-up comedy comes in and other forms of the show. I like to address myself as a performer, and I’m not saying this because I’m scared of addressing myself as a stand-up comedian. In case my future Joke ends up less funny than expected (even if this might be true). I do comedy, and I believe I’m made for it.”

Q: So how and when did you discover the “shank comics” part of your life?

A: I can’t say I’m one of those comedians that would say they’ve been funny since they were born, but I think I’ve been a little bit funny, but I felt it was a regular thing, so when I got to part two, these guys be like you can start Instagram videos at least to show your stupid self and all. I think it was fine.

Then, I was pushed to do stand-up comedy. I can’t even talk about my first performance, and it wasn’t good. That’s how I started to do stand-up comedy mainly. That’s how it all started till where I’m now today.

Q: Which Nigerian Comedian do you look up to a lot?

A: Slkomedy, I go dye and Bovi.

Q: What’s your greatest addiction?

A: My greatest addiction, Making people happy, My career, phone, sleeping, and eating.

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Shank Comics Early Life

Shank Comics was born in Osun State but grew up in Lagos.

Although he is originally a native of Osun State, thus was born there; Shank was raised partly in Osun State and Lagos State as it were, Lagos State and Osun State state in the South-Western part of Nigeria.

Shank Comics Education

He obtained his First School Leaving Certificate and his West African Examination Certificate certifications from either Lagos or Osun state; Shank Comics is a university graduate.

Shank Comics graduated from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife, OAU, with an Electronic and Electrical Engineering degree. He finished his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in 2020. He got a congratulatory tweet from Grammy award-winning Burna Boy to make it more notable.

Shank Comics Career

As a content creator and a comedian, Shanks Comics, as he is famously known, was forced into the business of comedy and entertainment due to extreme poverty and hunger as a result of not getting a job even after graduating from school in 2019, which led to doing content creation and comedy to make some money and sustain himself, which seemed to work because not long after he started comedy.

Shank Comics came to the limelight in 2020 during the COVID-19 lockdown as one of his comedy series, “I Like Yansh,” went viral. Shank Comics became famous after he created videos such as I like Yansh but I no dey see yansh press went viral, receiving serial reposts from top public figures like Tunde Ednut and others.

He was punished with several adverts which he delivered comically.

Shanks Comics surprisingly gained lots of engagement and followers on social media, which drove him hundreds of thousands of followers and subscribers to his channel. This surprise boost in engagement came from his constant use of social media, which made some of his videos go viral.

He is now known chiefly for his content-creating ability.

Shank Comics Personal Life

Humor is the fragrance of life. Shank Comics is a highly humorous individual dedicated to making people happy and entertained via his comical acts. Single, Crazy, Witty, and an Elect-Elect graduate.

Shank Comics Biography
Shank Comics Biography

Shank Comics Comedy Videos

Watch Series of his comedy videos on his YouTube channel.

Shank Comics Media Controversy

On March 23, 2021, Shank Comics celebrated his birthday with Agege Bread. Taking to his Instagram page, Shank Comics, he shared the hilarious photos of him celebrating his birthday with a loaf of Agege bread with two white candles forced into the bread. That’s his form of celebration, but it’s hilarious and content-worthy.

He wrote: “Happy birthday to me. Grateful.”

Is Shank Comic Married?

No, kindly, Shank Comics is not married. However, he is rumored to be in a romantic relationship with an undisclosed beautiful lady.

Shank Comics Awards

He won the Best Comedy on OAU campus in 2017 and 1st runner-up all Nigerian universities award.

Shank Comics Age

How Old Is Shank Comics?

Shank Comics is 25 Years of age, born on 23 March 1997.

Shank Comics Social Media

Follow Shank Comics on all his social media platforms:


Shank Comics’s Net Worth

With his primary source of income influencing and content creation, Adesokan Emmanuel’s net worth is estimated to be between 40,000 thousand US dollars and 60,000 thousand US dollars.

Of course, this is linked to his career in the industry is still in the growth stages.

Shank Comics Biography
Shank Comics Biography

Our Take On Shank Comics

One individual who has mastered the art of comic delivery is the fast-rising Instagram comedian popularly known as Shank Comics. He is a naturally funny person, but Shank Comics also has a great sense of delivery which is evident in his mannerisms, timing, and skit plots. Given his comic talent, Shank Comics has gained a massive following within a short time and shows no sign of slowing down.

Shank Comics is Super Creative! (Shank Mapami Na)

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