Korra Obidi Husband Confronts Her Aggressively Over Kids’ Custody

Clips of the moment Korra Obidi and her husband, Justin Dean got into an intense argument over the custody of their kids have emerged.

Justin Dean while insisting that the kids ought to be in his custody stated that: “Whoever has custody of the kids at the moment a divorce is filed has the custody of the kids until you go for a judge.”

According to him, that was why he decided to file for a restraining order against Korra to make sure he has custody of the children.

When asked by Korra and her partner what will be the fate of their second child, Athena who is 4-weeks old and is still breastfeeding, Justin said he doesn’t care.

Korra’s associate also penned a statement where she shared a bit of the dancer’s side of the story and how Justin Dean failed to take care of the children which made Korra request that he returns them to her.

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